Everymundo - Saying Bye, See you later

Farewell, letter to all my dear friends and colleagues at Everymundo the day before leaving.

Hi team,

As all of you know, tomorrow will be my last day as a full-time member of the Everymundo team. Soon all my accounts in the organization: gmail, slack, jira, github, npm, etc are going to be deactivated or deleted or both by the DevOps team, so I have to send this email now or never. (no worries Marcelo, just positive things ;)

It’s been an amazing and unforgettable period of my life since I joined 3 and a half years ago. I have had the opportunity to work in very cool projects(TRFX, Naomi, Autopilot, OpenFront, IATA NDC, Booksmart, Front Components, even Datacore(yes I was one of the responsables of the shitt. UI used to configure read and writes APIs :) ), I also met and worked with very nice and smart people(Can’t mention everybody here, sorry). I overcome a lot of challenges and made a lot of mistakes as well. Overall I think I’d had learned a lot, and I feel I’m a more mature person.

Before leaving, I will like to share with you guys some of the lessons that I learned in case that they can help you to continue on this amazing journey:

  • Family first, job second, especially if you have kids. (I’m not a good example in this, I will try to be better in my next Job :).

  • The team, the team, the team. (Projects, Products, Timelines, Ideas, all of this is very important, but the opportunity of being working together as a team towards a common goal is what creates the magic, all the human connections that this creates, emotions, mutual respect, and being confident that somebody is going to have your back when you are falling has a lot of value)

  • Making mistakes is Ok. (Yes, you are going to make a lot of mistakes, I broke Booksmart in Prod once for a few minutes. The challenge is accepting them, being transparent and use them to grow.)

  • You don’t know everything. (Yes, even the junior guy that does not know what is a REST API, can give an idea that can make you and your team more efficient. Being humble and learn to listen is a very valuable skill).

  • Enjoying the entire journey, not just the end results. (This one is a classical one, but sometimes we get lost between bugs, discussions, short timelines; and we forget to celebrate and enjoy every little or big victory - That’s why we fill up the entire Miami Office with balloons the day that marked the first year of “FrontComponents” being used in production)

  • Iterate, Iterate, Iterate. (It is better to iterate 10 times in 10 months, than plan 10 months and iterate 1 time)

  • Don’t judge people by one mistake. (People that you appreciate and love are humans like you, so they can hurt you, forgiveness is a powerful weapon)

  • When life gets hard, just keep going. (Even when you think that you are sinking deep and that you cannot find a solution, stay calm, take a break, then keep pushing. Having friends can help a lot during a tough situation)

  • You can do, everything you want, if you are committed to doing it. (All of you that know the Booksmart implementation details, knows what am I talking about :)

  • David Llaca can eat an entire large pizza. (Well, this is a known fact.)

Thanks to all you guys again for having me all of this time. Thanks, Anton and Seth for giving me the opportunity of being part of this great team.

P.S: Un beso grande a todo el FrontComponents team, you guys are awesome. Gracias por soportarme todo este tiempo.

Stay hungry stay foolish.

Steve Jobs

Los quiere, Dariel
Ich liebe euch, Dariel
Love you guys, Dariel
Люблю вас, ребята, Dariel
Te amo pessoal, Dariel
Ik hou van jullie, Dariel
लव यू दोस्तों, Dariel