About Me

Hello I’m Dariel. Cuban, FrontEnd Engineer, JavaScript Ninja and lover of Web and the good Design.

I’m the founder of some cool open source projects, like AniJS, AniCollection, AniJS Studio and SmartComments.

I have 7 years of Web Development experience and strong skills in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Responsive Design, UI Design and a dozen of other tecnologies.

During all of this years I worked with most JavaScript and CSS frameworks including AngularJS, Backbone, Knockout, jQuery, Bootstrap, Fundation, etc.

I graduated as Computer Sciences Engineer, with Gold Diploma, in 2013 at Computer Science University, Havana, Cuba.

Now I’m living in Key West, FL awaiting for my work permit for starting a new stage of my career. I’m open for new job opportunities.

I love my wife, my family, the justice, god, help others, and make the good…